Rest, Recuperation, Relaxation and Reflection

Despite its name, SANASA Education Campus is not only a center for learning. Its 50 acres of jungle cover has been purposefully allowed free rein to grow according to the natural dynamics of tropical rain forests to ensure that harmonizing the human-environment interface that is central to SANASA ideology. In this secluded enclave set inside a significantly developed area in the Kegalle district, the bustle of life that is typical of such human settlement melts away and a serenity and peace pervades the various situations and environments that pop up as one walks across the site. So it’s invigorating and restorative.

We invite you to feel the real R & R in our mansions in your next vacation.

Our campus offers you not only the ability to have a genuine break but also allows you to conduct your creative exercises from street theater to painting to dance workshops to musical evenings at any of the many superb settings available both indoors and outdoors for these purposes. If reflection and meditation are a priority for you, or, you wish to incorporate them into your other activities, some of the on-site locations available will wow you. Click here to find out how you can make use of our facilities for these purposes as well.