B.Sc. Special Degree in Regional Science and Planning

B.Sc. Special Degree in Regional Science and Planning

B.Sc. Special Degree in Regional Science and Planning

Brief description

Department of Regional Science and Planning offers three year General and the four year Honors degree (B.S.C.in Regional Science & Planning)for those seeking a tertiary qualification in development studies. These Degree programmes lead the students for careers that involve interaction with marginal and peripheral communities and the cooperative sector that promotes social economics.

Course Content
Year 01/Semester I - Principles of Economics, Introduction to Regional Science, Geography of Sri Lanka, History of Sri Lanka, Basic Mathematics and Quantitative Technique, English -I, IT-I (**)
Semester II - Basic Statistics, Theory and practices of Planning , Sri Lankan Economy; Spatial Perspective, Cartography and introduction to GIS, Globalization ; Space Time Compression, English -II, IT-II

Year 02/Semester I - Introduction to GIS, Approaches to Rural Development, Economic geography, regional interaction and institutional systems, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (Cooperative Enterprises), Indigenous Knowledge Systems for Development, English -III, IT-III
Semester II - Advanced GIS, Demography and Development, Resource Mapping, Political Economy of South Asia, Science Communication, Land use, Spatial Agglomeration and Segregation of activities, English -IV, IT-IV

Year 03/Semester I - Spatial Economics, Production of Space: Introduction to Henri Lefebvre, Neil Smith and David Harvey, Town and Country Planning, Transportation and Logistics System, Natural and Human Disaster Management
Semester II - Spatial Issues in Politics, Trade and Investment Blocs (E 3), Environmental and Energy Systems, Public Policy: Spatial Issues in Health Education:, Research Methodologies

Year 04/Semester I - Public Policy: Spatial Issues in Poverty Reduction, Spatial Statistics, Developing Research Proposal, Project Planning, Evaluation and Monitoring, Uneven Development
Semester II - Dissertation, Historic Preservation and Planning, English, Information Technology and Computer Science
Entry Requirements
3 passes for G.C.E.(A/L) and credit passes for Mathematics and English in G.C.E.(O/L)


04 years

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Full Time



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