B.Sc. Special Degree in Insurance and Risk management

B.Sc. Special Degree in Insurance and Risk management

B.Sc. Special Degree in Insurance and Risk management

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Course Content
Year 01/Semester I - Principles of Economics, Introduction to Regional Science, Geography of Sri Lanka, History of Sri Lanka, Basic Mathematics and Quantitative Technique, English -I, IT-I (**)
Semester II - Basic Statistics, Theory and practices of Planning , Sri Lankan Economy; Spatial Perspective, Cartography and introduction to GIS, Globalization ; Space Time Compression, English -II, IT-II

Year 02/Semester I - Introduction to GIS, Approaches to Rural Development, Economic geography, regional interaction and institutional systems, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (Cooperative Enterprises), Indigenous Knowledge Systems for Development, English -III, IT-III
Semester II - Advanced GIS, Demography and Development, Resource Mapping, Political Economy of South Asia, Science Communication, Land use, Spatial Agglomeration and Segregation of activities, English -IV, IT-IV

Year 03/Semester I - Spatial Economics, Production of Space: Introduction to Henri Lefebvre, Neil Smith and David Harvey, Town and Country Planning, Transportation and Logistics System, Natural and Human Disaster Management
Semester II - Spatial Issues in Politics, Trade and Investment Blocs (E 3), Environmental and Energy Systems, Public Policy: Spatial Issues in Health Education:, Research Methodologies

Year 04/Semester I - Public Policy: Spatial Issues in Poverty Reduction, Spatial Statistics, Developing Research Proposal, Project Planning, Evaluation and Monitoring, Uneven Development
Semester II - Dissertation, Historic Preservation and Planning, English, Information Technology and Computer Science Year 01/Semester I - Principles & Practice of Insurance, Insurance Law & Regulations, Life Assurance, Business Environment, Business Practice, English I
Semester II - Liabilities Management, Property Insurance, Claims Management, Business Law, Business Communication, English IV

Year 02/Semester I - Risk Management, Underwriting Management, Fundamentals of Marketing, Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, Information technology, English III
Semester II - Life & Disability Insurance, Service Marketing, Organizational Behaviour, Professional Skills in Insurance, Project Report, English IV

Year 03/Semester I - Natural and Human Disaster Management, Agriculture and Livestock Insurance, Introduction to Principles of Economics, Mathematics for Insurance, Decision Analysis in Insurance, English V
Semester II - Reinsurance, Introduction to Actuarial Science, Probability and Statistics, Management Accounting, English VI

Year 04/Semester I - Practice of Micro Insurance, Contingency and Sensitivity, Marine and Aviation Insurance, Sri Lankan Economy in Global Context, Statistical Software
Semester II - Insurance Brokering, Professional Ethics in Insurance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Research methodology, Industrial Training /Dissertation
Entry Requirements
3 passes for G.C.E.(A/L) and credit passes for Mathematics and English in G.C.E.(O/L)


04 years

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Full Time



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